We’re a young couple whose goal is to show people of all ages that regardless of our
circumstances, we all have the power to change the direction of our lives.

Coming from third world countries, Andrea from Peru and Yvad from Jamaica, opportunities were limited making it difficult to unlock our full potential.

All this changed when we moved to the United Sates. Years later, we met in college. Two people in search of one thing, a better life. Ever since then, we’ve made it a priority to break free from the limitations of the environments we were born in.

Fast forward to 2020—A pandemic unleashes, we get laid off from work, and reality hits. All this time we thought we were living life on our own terms, but we were just existing.

So we decided to take control of the situation presented and make sure the outcome is better than where we started. Suddenly, Byrani was born.


Byrani is a self-growth clothing brand designed for people who want to become the best version of themselves.

The word Byrani (originally spelt “berani") means to be brave, bold, and fearless. As you embark on your journey to become the best you, we want to encourage you to be brave enough to suck at something new, bold enough to be yourself, and fearless enough to follow your dreams.

Byrani clothing is a proud symbol of self-growth and a constant reminder of your value and potential.

So, ask yourself “Who do I wish to become and what is the life I desire?” Then go be that person and make it happen!