Our Story

Our names are Andrea and Yvad, we are a young couple who wants to share our vision with the world. Our goal is to show people, both young and old, that regardless of our circumstances we all have the power to change the direction of our lives. We come from foreign countries, Andrea who is originally from Peru and Yvad who is from Jamaica. Opportunities were extremely limited growing up in a third world country. Therefore, we never knew our true capability.

All this changed when we moved to the United Sates. Andrea moved with her family when she was 10 years old and Yvad when he was 19. Fast forward years later, we met in college. Two people in search of one thing, a better life. Ever since then, we have made it a priority to break free from the limitations of the countries we were born in.

Never forgetting where we come from, makes motivating and inspiring people to take chances our #1 purpose. If we can inspire one person to chase their dream, then we have accomplished our mission. Do not forget that we can inspire each other in unimaginable ways.